The season is almost over! The joy is great, but you may not have much to do until Tuesday.

So that means you’re ready for the FROOGR Inc. experience.

Only FROOGR© offers the inhabitants of the wilderness an irreplaceable spectacle and wonder.

FROOGR© was created to bring quality sanctuaries to the masses and destroy the market value of our main competitor, Vault Tec (which infects Appalachia with inferior products).

List of adventures available in FROOGR© shelters:

4 HIGH POINTS – each with prizes to win and optional side missions:

  • The haunted maze consists of three chained daisies, each with a different design and ghostly aesthetic.

Check out the Haunted Labyrinth promotional poster from the last Game Clan event!

  • Race against time! In single player or multiplayer co-op, it’s a race against the clock in a mad dash to beat your best time or just beat your friend – put your name on the scoreboard for all to see, your fleet on its feet of glory~!
  • The amazing carnival theme park maze – get in on the action! Entertainment for all weather conditions!
  • Don’t throw up… Are your eyes playing tricks on you? Or is this a stomach joke? DON’T DO IT! (Froogr inc. is not responsible for damage to carpets or family members’ favorite clothes).

CHALLENGE/PUZZEL ROOMS – Challenge yourself or your friends to solve puzzles, find ways to advance and win!

  • Garbage Patch – Explore the ordered chaos with a joyous scavenger hunt through the garbage in Fallout 76.
  • Mayhem Mansion – 6 different challenges with additional hidden side missions for extra loot opportunities.
  • People Under the Stairs – Strange noises are coming from under the stairs, are you brave enough to find the secrets and escape?
  • Asylum – You have been admitted to a mental institution against your will. A psychological journey into the mouth of madness. Have you lost your mind? Can you escape from Sanctuary? Did you take your medication today?


  • A Go-Go!!! – Test your knowledge of FO76 as the next contestant on the popular game show Wasteland! Primetime on FNN! Froogr News Network – a subsidiary of FROOGR© Worldwide Consolidated Industries)
  • Trivia or DIE! Summer version of the popular game show Wasteland – Choose your answers carefully as your life is on the line as you compete for a selection of fantastic products and prizes *This hideout has unfortunately been abandoned as a layer of salt has displaced the foundations of the hideout.

PHYSICAL HOLLANGS / JUMPS – grab the rad-x, take off your jetpacks and turn FO76 into a platformer! Ideal for solo or with friends!

  • Paul is lava! – Don’t touch the floor when going from the living room to the mouth of the LIVE WOLKANO!

NOW OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!*

Bush Masta – Go native and swing through the jungle in this jumping maze room puzzle game in Deep Bush Bingo! Bungo! Bongo! You’ll be so happy in the jungle you won’t want to leave!

Check out BUSH MASTA’s promotional poster for the upcoming Clan Game event!


  • Blank World of Sports (launch video available soon! ) Grab a friend and turn on your microphone, and get ready for a decathlon full of athletics-themed challenges and puzzles! Recently approved by a group of 7 SLEEPING MEN*!!!* We love sports and don’t care who knows it!

THEMATIC HIDEOUTS! – Take a break from killing super mutants and relax in one of FROOGR©’s many attractions.

  • Underwater Pavilion Aquarium – Bring your camera, hold your breath and soak in the atmosphere of the Badlands’ first aquatic menagerie.
  • Hawaiian Luau – Grab your ukulele and put on your bathing suit, roast a pig on the beach!
  • An homage to David Lynch’s Twin Peaks series… Owls are not what they seem! Go through the curtains of the Black Lodge with a BIG HOT!
  • The Fun House Strip Club**** over 18 years old only! Let’s face it, life in the Badlands is tough. The same goes for you when you visit Premier After-hours in Appalachia! No clothes allowed!

***And finally, the crown of FROOGR Inc:



Watch the launch video on youtube with a mini-pass and highlights :

Seneca Rocks hid a secret, there was a different kind of terror in the area before the war…..

Four interconnected shelters, strong in concept and fully realized, fight the tickling clown!

Find out what happened, solve the riddles, beat the creeps.

THE MYSTERY OF THE SENECA ROCKS: SECURITY PROBLEM™ — Features exciting plots, puzzles, mental and physical challenges, BOSS FOLLOW-UP, paranormal investigations and never-before-seen building techniques! Built entirely in collaboration with… With rave reviews like… What is it? And it’s crazy.

Now you will ask, so I am a believer! I’m ready to switch from Vault Tec to FROOGR Inc© shelters! But how can I participate in the FROOGR Inc © experiment and achieve better living conditions through FROOGR™?

Easy friend! If you’re on PS4/PS5, let go of your inhibitions, embrace your curiosity and sense of wonder, sue Vault Tec, and send a message to FritoZ or Coogr77

———⚙ FROOGR INC ⚙———

———– Innovating today for a better future® ———

2020 will satisfy both classic and modern players. To be on the list, the game must be confirmed for 2020, or there must be a compelling reason for it to be released that year. Upcoming games that are only announced and do not have a major release date are therefore not eligible.

By 2020, there will be a ton of… in the world of video games. Here are fifteen games to look forward to in the first half of 2020.

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