I’m sure even the biggest anime fan eventually gets tired of every series that starts and ends in high school.

Especially if you’ve been past this stage of life for years.

But don’t worry: even though there are fewer series for adults, there are still some excellent anime based on the adult world, and you can watch them.

So if you’re looking for an anime to help you think about growing up, you’ve come to the right place.

15. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagan

Looking at the promotional poster for this show, I never thought it would be this deep.

At first glance, it’s just a show with giant robots and a girl in a bikini. Nothing we haven’t seen a million times before.

But the series gets more mature as it progresses. And the second half deals with much more mature themes than Can My Robot Beat Your Robot? as we deal with politics, the dangers of power, responsibility, etc.

It really surprised me. And I’m very happy to do it.

14. Barakamon

Although Barakamon only covers a very short period, it shows extremely motivating character development.

It’s about an artist, a calligrapher to be precise, trying to figure out what his profession means to him. And if it had any objective value.

He who, up to now, has only conformed to forms and rules, must now face the monster of creative freedom and all the possible risks that go with it.

If you’ve ever loved art, trust me, this is one show you won’t want to miss.

13. Silent voice

The movie ends in high school, but I think it still has a lot of important messages about growing up.

I mean, it solves the suicide problem before you’ve even eaten half your popcorn.

But above all, he attaches great importance to salvation.

And not in a typical anime version with a dramatic monologue and everything works out. But real life, its rough counterpart.

This shows that it can take a long time to rebuild some of these burned bridges. And it takes even longer to admit to yourself that you deserve that bond again.

12. Votacoy: Love is hard for Otaku

This series is like a high school romantic comedy that has been upgraded in every way.

The most obvious is that it all happens at work. But what is most interesting is how they themselves dealt with the relationship.

With high school anime, you either have completely forgettable or uninteresting characters or you’re smothered in love, I’ll shoot a bullet for you.

There are many more nuances to Wotakoi. God knows feelings can be fickle.

11. I don’t understand what my husband is saying.

Speaking of otaku love, I’d like to add this one to the list as well.

This is probably the most useful His on the market, as it describes the relationship between a businesswoman and her otaku husband.

It’s a very short show that you can watch in a few hours.

Yet it covers so many important moments in relationship and marriage.

10. Princess Medusa

This show is about the transition from the carefree days of adolescence to adulthood, also known as the hectic phase of life.

It follows a 19-year-old girl who is pursuing her dream of becoming an illustrator.

And the series is very realistic in some ways.

One is that everyone is poor until they are at least fifty, so she lives with five other girls.

Their social interactions are also annoying, and we even have a transvestite who ruins the scene.

It’s Josey, and I’m not a sex object, but this movie is great.

9. 5 centimetres per second

Let’s face it:

Most of us still don’t keep in touch with all of our childhood friends. And I’m sure many of us have stories of those who made it.

This film shows the exact situation in which childhood friends slowly drift apart as their lives are torn apart and go in different directions.

And that’s what happens most of the time. You rarely know when the last video call will occur, it just happens.

Hey, I never said the choices on this list would be so optimistic.

8. Agretsuko

Just take two teaspoons of Beasts, mix in some Office, and then slowly infuse the paste with whatever comical spices you have on hand. And you get Aggretsuko.

This is a phenomenal anime for adults and teens that focuses on the 25-year-old red panda and his daily life at the office.

It’s not about ecchi, it’s about more serious issues like misogyny. And there’s death metal in the form of karaoke.

So we can say it’s different from other anime.

7. Clannad

When it comes to relationships, it’s very common for entertainers to linger in the flirtation scene forever.

This can get boring after a while.

This is where shows like Clannad come in, because they let you see the entire lives of the characters in question.

Clannad gives you a very good foundation for falling in love with the characters. And the sequel, Clannad: After Story fills a lot of holes that normally never get filled.

I recommend having tissues on hand, because it’s not always sunshine and rainbows.

6. Children on a slope

Children on the Slope is a story for adults, which I would honestly recommend to adults rather than teens.

Because the story takes place in the sixties and gives you such a nostalgic feeling that you want to flip through that old photo album.

The story follows three main characters who are connected by their love of jazz.

As usual, the three seem like the most unlikely of friends at first. But God knows that music has its own way of connecting people.

It’s a truly moving show that might just give you the spark you need to get into the arts yourself.

5. Honey and clover

Maybe it’s just my age, but anime set in college hits harder than anime set in high school.

Honey and Clover not only covers this ground, but also has art students as protagonists, which is a personal bingo.

And it must be said that the series handles the themes of teenage love and the discovery of one’s passion with great tact and realism.

Of course, there are many useful and fun moments.

But the ability to make you wonder about your entire future is the real selling point of this series for me.

4. Yesterday

This one definitely belongs to the category of old but good movies, as it was released in 1991.

But the story holds up as well today as it did then.

This film tells the story of a 27-year-old woman who decides to take a break from her city life and visit her family outside the city.

Many memories from his childhood come back to him, and the contrast between his life in the old city and his new life in the countryside is downright soothing to the soul.

Plus, you can get into the 90s aesthetic, which is always fun.

3. Psycho Pass

Psycho Pass seemed like a typical crime anime to me at first.

They have a rule to follow, the good cop, the bad guy who gets results, the old experienced guy, he has it all.

But the show goes much further than I thought, as we actually see a character reincarnated on screen.

I don’t want to ruin anything. But whether you want to describe this event as a slow reversal of a young man’s ideals or a complete rebirth, you’ll find plenty of food for thought in this show.

2. Welcome to N.H.K..

I always like to recommend N.H.K. to people because it is one of the few indications that I think really captures the essence of depression/controlled mental health.

It’s about Hikikomori and his gradual reintroduction to the world.

The key word is gradual.

His progress does stall more often than not and he never smiles because he can be downright depressed.

And I think that’s an important part of being an adult. Since you live alone, you’re the only one who can see where the problem is.

1. Nana

Grandma is probably my favorite show when it comes to relationships.

And it’s as complicated and dramatic as real life can get.

The series doesn’t hold back when it comes to the realities of love, fame, pride, friendship and even parenthood.

Although it starts off as a strict show about healthy living, it ends brilliantly and perfectly conveys that we’re not all perfect and that it’s okay to move on.

And if you’re only here for the depression points, go read the manga and realize it will never be finished.

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