Healing damage is just as important as inflicting damage in Final Fantasy XI, where battles can become dangerous at any time – especially if the player is unfamiliar with the combat mechanics.

While it is sometimes more optimal to use a human player to heal encounters (due to the many options a healer has), it can be even more optimal for players to focus on damage or tanking.

There is some nuance to the treatment of an AI that can potentially react faster than humans.

For this reason, many players turn to healing trusts to target the opponent.

Below I talk about some of the best white mage trusts and their various AI schemes.

5. Black sponge

Iron Box is, so far, the only healer with access to Raise.

This means he is able to resurrect fallen characters!

Unfortunately, this effect does not apply to other trusts. But it remains a very valuable tool when players are trying to solve situations where two or more players face sudden death, such as B. In the case of enemy attacks resulting in fate or death.

Iron Coffin has access to all single-use and -Na spells, although he only seems to cast -Na spells on the most hostile players.

What a traditional healer usually lacks, he makes up for in what he can do as a traditional healer.

He has the dual attack feature and can do significant damage with his Randgrith weapon, which has particularly good glow properties.

He is also good at surviving attacks that other white confidence mages can often shoot, thanks to his very high HP.

This makes them much more resilient than other options, and they work exceptionally well in groups where the goal is to do as much damage as possible in a short amount of time, better known as Zerg.

Although he is a well-known healer (especially if the group can support him), he remains at the bottom of this list due to his unfortunately low MP count. Not to mention that it doesn’t use Protectra or Shellra.

4. Cupipi

Kupipi is a charming confidence healer who is also easy to obtain. So it’s true that many players will use it.

She has access to the flavor of white magic, including the spells Cure, Protect, Shellra, -on, and even Erase!

She is even capable of using debuffs in the form of delays, paralysis and flashbacks, a spell no white mage trusts.

He is also very quick to remove state inconveniences, and will often prefer that to healing. So it’s a good idea to have some sort of emergency tool on hand in case you receive a flood of status complaints.

Cupipi does not often run out of MP, as she naturally has a high MP supply and also uses starlight and moonlight, which restore a small amount.

But his best feature is the one he’ll fall for.

She stays standing after attacking the enemy, which is great and allows you to get away and keep her safe. However, if you throw the projectile further than 20 feet (20 yawms), it returns to melee range.

This artificial insemination can often lead to unnecessary damage – not to the liking of their underperforming HP.

3. Yoran-Oran

Yoran-Oran is a very interesting healer thanks to his surprisingly high magical evasion ability. This means that he can often withstand most of what his opponents throw at him.

He also has the weapon Nott, which restores a lot of HP and MP, and the venerable Afflatus Solace, which adds tons of energy to his healing abilities and MP efficiency.

He also has a natural recovery from 50 with a stick.

He mostly uses single target heals from IV to VI and has access to erase and stone skin. This allows him to survive harder hits, which compensates for his below average HP.

He also has Protectra and Shellra and will always be ready when he heals, making him a much smarter distance AI than Cupipi.

2. Monbro

Monbro is by far the most unique and diverse healer on this list.

His very large supply of potions allows him to act as a healer with massive support abilities without relying solely on MP use.

Most of his drinks are processed very quickly, from 1 to 4 seconds. It is also capable of using single-use beverages, such as : A maximum potion that immediately restores 700 HP to the target.

He can also restore protection and cloak with Guardian Potion, or restore stats with Samson’s Might, or even mimic -Na spells with items like Holy Water to remove Corruption or Extinction with Panacea-1.

And to top it off, he even restores MPs with ethers!

In addition to his potion skills, he also has access to cover. Now I’d like to add that he has a pretty high HP for a healer, so he can take hits well.

Often he just takes a drink to soften the blow.

And the funny thing is that he can even wake up when you put him to sleep!

Monbro is an excellent Trust that fits well into many games due to its unique mechanics and ability to take hits when needed.

1. Apuru

Apururu is an old favorite.

In addition to her access to Curaga magic, as well as Protectra, Shellra, -Na, Stoneskin and Haste spells, she even uses Curaga when party members fall asleep to wake them up.

Her reaction and casting times are fast, and she’s effective with MP by using Nott when her MP drops below 50%, which she can use fairly often thanks to her 75-stick recovery.

Additionally, she can restore MPs for others with loyalty.

And on the battlefield, unless thwarted by the enemy, she usually stands 15 feet away – keeping her at a safe distance.

Her only notable drawback is that she can die quite suddenly, using a transformation when her MP is very low.

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