The attic has always been an interesting space.

Some attics are filled with old family photo albums and stuff that no one uses anymore, becoming an old storage unit.

Others turn their loft into a loft-style bedroom, usually assigned to one of the younger siblings in the family.

No matter what your Sims loft is used for, we want to give you all these features with really cool CC lofts for your Sims game.

Whether it’s the bedroom or the utility room, we have what you need.

Let’s climb the folding ladder, open the old gutter flap and enter the world of mysterious rooms on the roof.

15. Standard stacking box

Look at this CC

We couldn’t make this list without mentioning the standard loft home…..

Beautiful old storage box!

Perfectly square and desirable as a penny, a storage box is always a must in any Sim household.

Attics all over the world are filled to the brim with these boxes. And a thank you to the creator of this magical month, and to your Sim’s hutch!

This CC box comes in 5 unique designs, including an oddly beautiful white box design with little black triangles.

14. Pallet scale

Look at this CC

Stairs are also an important part of the attic.

Magical Month gives us another with these ladders to climb (DJ Khaled’s singing tour).

The interesting thing about these particular ladders is that they can be used as an attic ladder, or as a ladder to put your bunk bed in the attic.

Since it is a mixture of the two, it qualifies for inclusion in this list.

It has 4 unique colors, including a beautiful ocean blue.

13. Industrial lamp II – Ceiling lamp

Look at this CC

The lighting really helps to bring out the unique character of each loft.

This ceiling lamp is a perfect example.

Severinka_ provides us with these gothic lamps, which come in all shapes and sizes.

Ideal for creating an atmosphere conducive to nighttime cuddling.

12. Loft Living Old Flag

Look at this CC

Maison des Braves, we welcome you.

All Americans can appreciate their country’s flag. This rustic look is perfect for an old loft.

With the charisma of a lifelong patriot, he could be perfect for your American Sim.

We are united!

11. Old chest

Look at this CC

I know I’ve said before that some things are needed on the storage floor.

But this old storage box is actually hilarious: Take me to the attic!

The old, rusty, reliable words that come to mind to describe this Severinka article_.

It’s a place where your old Sims can hide teddy bears, stacks of photo albums, or just family mementos.

In fact, you should have an idea of what the attic will look like.

10. Folding attic stairs

Look at this CC

We find another loft ladder, this time specifically to access the attic.

Leo Sims gives us 3 unique samples for this CC.

The key point here is that these steps really add up.

Hidden in the ceiling, as most of us know.

I hope there are no aliens or ghosts lurking about while you’re at the top….. are.

9. Wall light guide

Look at this CC

Here we have more light tubes in the wall.

A very cool design that is worth placing behind a bed frame or perhaps a loft desk.

Another gem from Severinka.

If you want to attract the attention of your playmates, this decorative piece will definitely have that effect. Especially since it’s just a lighting device.

8. Attic corner panel

Look at this CC

Another hybrid piece I would consider is the BuffSumm Buffet table.

This CC is made of beautiful stainless steel and is available in 3 beautiful designs.

Lime green is ideal for lighter colors, while solid steel is best for pure stock.

This dresser looks like it’s been keeping your Sims’ old family secrets for generations.

Maybe we’ll find out why Landgraab is rich after all.

7. Double bed Ash

Look at this CC

A bed may seem like an odd choice for this list, but most loft rooms require a bed (in case you hadn’t guessed).

In my opinion, this double bed is a solid solution.

It has a strictly square cherry black frame with a matching end and is covered in gold cushions and a blanket for an absolutely luxurious look.

The ceiling has a unique hexagonal design. And if the original model is not to your taste, don’t worry.

Designer sim_man123 offers a choice of 8 solid colors.

This bed is a great piece to start building your loft. You can even think of it as the central piece of furniture to start with.

6. Attic to ceiling

Look at this CC

The creative anarchist cat has brought us the most intriguing thing on this list…..

This SS has diagonal ceiling sections that slide down to give the impression that it is enclosed with pitched roofs, as is the case in many lofts.

Surprisingly, this is a treatment model that dates back to the Sims 2 era. And this quirky CC cover has 10 different textures.

An ideal addition to give the impression that one is in a loft and not in an ordinary room of the house.

5. Attic stairs

Look at this CC

The designer’s confident style gives us the cream of the crop of attic stairs on this list.

This particular staircase comes with 10 cartridges and fits 3 different wall sizes.

Larger sashes, more pleasing color choices and an overall outstanding design make this CC staircase the king of all stairs.

Well, for The Sims 4 anyway.

4. Raised bed kit

Look at this CC

Here we present our first complete loft room design kit.

This CC set from the creator of pixeldreamworld is absolutely perfect for small spaces.

There is a bunk bed, but instead of two beds, there is only one bed at the top.

The ground floor contains a work space or a small living space, the choice is yours.

And the best part of this package is the glass piece that prevents your sim from falling out of the top bunk. It is generously designed for this simple yet beautiful loft set.

It is a good choice for people who want to work in a small space but still want a modern touch.

3. Paul’s room

Look at this CC

Have you ever wanted to live in a place that looks like an ice castle? *(Keyword: Let It Go)

Well, this CC loft designed by Angela will bring that reality to life for your simulator.

And the setting is icy white and cold gray.

It really does look like Santa’s daughter is sleeping somewhere and has been polished to perfection.

One of the most amazing and versatile lofts you will see from a CC. Even for a regular room, this would be great.

If I had to choose one word to describe this SS, it would be chilling.

2. Loft collection

Look at this CC

We have already discussed hybrid elements in this list. Particularly CC lights that work equally well in a laundry room as they do in an attic.

Now let’s look at the hybrid set.

The creator of LunaticaVillage takes objects that would normally be placed in an attic and makes them fit for a traditional attic.

It’s half of a bunk bed, but instead of an upper bed, it’s just extra storage space.

We also have old books, golf clubs, a rusty couch and, of course, old brown boxes as clutter to fill out the real attic picture.

This set really describes what a loft is, and gives us useful items that would be perfect for a loft design.

The best of both worlds, so to speak.

1. Hamal bedroom set

Look at this CC

This room is, in my opinion, what a loft should look like.

With a creamy white primary color and a bright red secondary color, this CC set has everything you need.

In the middle is a floating mini bed. With its round design and beautiful color palette, this piece would be a masterful addition to any loft.

Upstairs there is a bearskin rug, a small fireplace and small furry couches/seats.

Here you can see a lot of rooms in the attic.

Congratulations to designer Simenpule for creating such a remarkable loft bedroom set.

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