Locke is easily seen as a poor physical fighter, especially early in the game.

But don’t fall into this trap! Get in the habit of flying at every opportunity, at every meeting.

He can do great things for your team. Some of them can even be considered very important.

And for this list, I will list the most important items to steal in the game!

But before we dive in, let me briefly explain the equations of Locke’s ability to fly.

Each enemy has potentially two items that can be stolen: a normal item and a rare item. The chance of stealing a rare item is 1 in 8 (12.5%).

The full mathematical calculation of Locke’s chances of flying is : Success rate = (50 + Locke’s level – target’s level)/128.

This essentially means that the higher the Locke level, the greater the chance of a successful flight.

8. Megalithic mixer

Recovers the entire batch of HP and MP.

Let’s start this list with Megalixer.

This thing can be an absolute godsend in tight situations, as it is a total instant party update.

Magic is really important deeper in FF6. And in many boss fights (and even against some enemies), you can exhaust your MP by trying to beat your opponents as fast as possible.

And then you suddenly realize that you need to heal yourself, but you don’t have enough mp for a full curama…..

This is where the Megalixers come in handy. One item to get full HP and MP for everyone.

Growing them may take some time, but they will be the items you need during your trip.

Stolen: Land Ray can be found on Sunny Isle and the Southern Continent, but be quick. You have 1Hp and the Sap is standing. Stop! You’re the best friend here!

7. Muscle strap

A belt worn by martial artists. Maximum power increase of 50%.

The muscle belt is ideal if you go to war and need some extra stamina.

If you encounter some of the stronger enemies during training, it can be difficult to keep your group alive.

This will help solve this little problem.

Some spells, such as Ultima and Meteor, bypass defenses, making your defensive reinforcements ineffective. But 50% more HP you can get from it!

Stolen: Glasya Labolas. They’re on Zozo Mountain, and they can be pretty dangerous. So maybe you want to steal the item and leave as soon as possible.

6. Minerva Bustier

A breastplate that gives a 25% bonus to the maximum MP size.

Although this applies only to Terra and Paradise, it should be considered an essential point for both.

It destroys fire, ice, wind and lightning, and gives resistance to earth, poison, water and the sacred!

It also increases strength, speed and magic. And, as I said, it also increases the maximum number of PMs!

Knowing all this, getting two for your party should be a priority.

Stolen: Clay berries! It’s the monster in the box in Yeti’s cave. After the meeting, you can find Tonberries on Veldt! However, it’s important to remember that this is level 99, so Locke must be at least level 50 to stand a chance.

5. Genji glove

An armored glove from a foreign land. This allows the owner to equip a weapon in each hand.

Ah, Genji’s glove. What a relic!

While magic is your main source material, there will be times when the ability to use two weapons and perform multiple attacks is just what the doctor ordered.

Locke can use it for his robberies by having two robbery knives equipped, which increases his chances of being robbed.

Or try the famous Genji Gauntlet in combination with the Master Scroll.

Eight attacks? Yes, please.

Stolen: The dragons on the floating continent are not only sources of high EXP – keep flying, and you’ll get more of this relic than you know what to do with!

4. Band

The silk ribbon is enchanted with powerful protective magic. Prevents all condition problems.

We all know Lenta now.

And we all know you can’t leave the house without one!

With this gear, you don’t have to worry about fighting an enemy that brings negative status values to your side.

Especially ones like the Chaos Dragon, which can cause multiple group state effects simultaneously with Disaster!

Stolen: Guardian and Ultima Weapon, but you’re more likely to collect them from the brachiosaurs when you reach the dinosaur forest in Ruin World.

3. Ultima Weapons

A sword whose attack power is linked to the HP of its wearer.

This is one of the most powerful weapons in the game and can wreak havoc.

But to reach your full potential, you need to boost your HP to the max.

Now, you can plan a better defense here, or you can decide to have a dedicated healer for the owner – especially since stealing means having two.

Imagine the Genji gloves outfit and the double ownership of these bad boys. The owners may not show up!

Stolen: Get some rest.

2. Ragnarok

A sword that Flare can throw when he hits an opponent.

Ragnarok is one of the most powerful weapons.

Or, if you’ve decided to use Maggicite as a weapon, this is your chance to use your dirty mitts on your group.

With titanic attack power and solid tree stats, this is one weapon you won’t want to miss.

You can also always gamble in Dragon’s Neck Coliseum to get the Luminary, or a second Ragnarok if you already have one.

Stolen: Ladies! He’s not an easy opponent at best, but you know that all future fights will be much easier when you have this weapon.

1. Celestriada

Necklace with three star-shaped bracelets on a chain. Reduces the cost of all spells to 1.

If there’s one thing you want every character to have, it’s that.

Magic becomes a very important end game.

And spells like Firaga and Tundaga pay off big – over 50 MPs.

Only Ultima costs 80 MP!

But this tasty little number makes all spells cost 1 MP.

That’s potentially a whole group of 4 people who cast Ultima every turn, and never have to worry about managing their MP reserves in case they need a quick dose of Curaga.

But don’t worry, because you have Celestriada!

Stolen: Galipeda. You can find them in both the Phoenix Cave and the Dragon’s Neck Coliseum. No matter how long it takes, it’s always worth getting the full game!

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