I tried adjusting the new home run. Note that this is easy to do on a medium difficulty level. I haven’t tried this approach on Hard or Extreme yet, but I think it should be applicable here as well: It is important that you do not put the winter house into use until the beginning of the 15th year. TAGS SCOUT :

  • Explore the depot outpost as quickly as possible and go to the depot outpost near the coal mine.
  • Skip the other coal supplies for now and concentrate on reviving your economy and building houses once you’ve renovated one. Don’t build bunk beds, move into houses.
  • Don’t increase generator power, concentrate on workplace heaters, which shouldn’t be many at this point. All you need is a kitchen, even greenhouses only work with level 2 and 3 stoves, advanced steel mills, advanced sawmills/sawmills, a wall drill or a wall drill (I found using sawmills to be extremely more efficient than using a wall drill, because the lumber you get with 3 sawmills just constantly swells with wood.
  • Use the dispenser only on steel.
  • Explore all the scout speed upgrades, the infirmary, advanced metallurgy, level 3 heaters.
  • Send the exploration team and the depot team to the upper right corner of the map so they are ready to explore Tesla City.
  • Somewhere here you should be on Day 15 – Instead, the Winter House event begins, with Londoners. You should be able to build the 70 houses needed for the game with the resources you have left in level 1, the stoves, and improving the efficiency of the steam factories and stoves. Your coal warehouse will make sure you stay in the coal and get more.
  • Immediately send a reconnaissance crew and standby depots to Tesla City to immediately bring steam locomotives to the city. Don’t put survivors on the map until you have explored Tesla City, collect 3 good stomers.
  • Check ALL automatic updates. All including medical dispensers, engineering, machine redesign, etc. This is very important.
  • At this point, build a factory and produce 12 automatons (you should already have that many boilers).
  • Research Coal Barrels – Coal Register Injection
  • Build only 2 steam coal pumps and 8 prefabricated piles.
  • Set up your 12 machines – Drowned in Coal and keep the generator at level 4 for the rest of the game without leaving the coal. (You can put two boilers directly on the stocks to get more coal, you don’t have to worry about heating the site so the cost of heating isn’t an issue, you don’t need steam tanks so everything can work in freezing temperatures without worrying about the mines).
  • If an engineer asks for a steam engine, give it to him, because it will increase the efficiency of all automata to 100% instead of 95%.
  • Further expansion with resource warehouses.
  • At some point, you’ll need Wall Drills – Do the advanced version. At this time you can also replace the original charcoal with wood for the winter.
  • Make more and more automatons, if you want, you will drown in steam boilers.
  • Enjoy a won game in 20 days to the end of the boss and enjoy the show.
  • 🙂

I’ve always wondered how you can cut costs to get an insane amount of dough. Steam coal hammers with injectors, of which there are only 2, are so much more efficient at extracting coal than coal mines!

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