REVIEW – This is a good game, especially for those who like both roleplaying and research. If you like airplane scenery: Torment, Disco Elysium would be a good choice. And if you haven’t played it yet, for whatever reason, you no longer have to make up excuses not to play ZA/UM, because it’s now available on consoles!

Typical: You wake up in your hotel room with a heavy hangover and amnesia. So, in this deep RPG – with a dialogue system as complex as Planescape’s – everything you do with your character, and as expected, everything you do and say, affects the story (a story that has expanded since the original was released in 2019!) and the other characters.


Dialogues aside, your character’s skills are also important, as you have at least twenty-four of them covering a wide range of abilities (from logic to authority, there are physical and mental attributes), and since I intentionally used the term explore in the first paragraph, there are skills that can be useful here and there (for example, if you And even then, I didn’t mention that skills are built up during the creation of your character, based on basic stats (psyche, motor, physical, intelligence), and since this is a roleplaying game, there are also levels and you can improve your skills that way. Add to that the thoughts – they (in the beginning to three) come to mind when you talk to other people, and over time you may see a statistic, and your state of mind may also change. This paragraph basically tries to express that when you have your second breakthrough, you can have a very different experience when you compare it to the first one.

The story, set in the city of Revashol, only emphasizes this more – it’s perfectly written, even if you spend most of your time in the Martinez district of the city. The characters don’t hold back. For me, it was really fun to see anarchic and bawdy comments from them, and in return the atmosphere was really good too. Wherever you go (the developers have tried to give you complete freedom), the grating tone and style are retained, although it’s mostly text, as Disco Elysium doesn’t have full voice acting – this is perhaps the game’s biggest problem, as you spend most of the time listening to your ancient reptilian brain or Kitsuragi, your partner. At least they sound good. The rest, not so good.


You can solve the case as you see fit. This thought is why I can say that the possibility of repetition increased the score. It’s a game you can talk about with your friends and share your experiences. I can tell you that I had an X experience playing this game, while someone else might have had a Y or even a Z instead of an X. I’m not sure how much experience I had. Everything goes so far that your skills don’t completely prevent you from progressing in the game – you can approach your quests in different ways, and that makes for a lot of variety. You have to have faith in the visuals, but I find Disco Elysium a bit weak in that regard. Those who judge games by pictures will decide after two screenshots that the game doesn’t interest them, and maybe they are missing something special: This game is one of the biggest surprises on PC. Just a computer, since the game is currently available on Steam and GOG – the ZA/UM opus (what a strange name…) can still be found elsewhere.

The visuals may be another weak point of the game, but I have to say that the developers have recreated the CRPG style perfectly, taking inspiration from the Infinity Engine. Organic products? Organic products. Not the mindless organics of today, which are sadly sold out, but those of twenty years ago. The team that made Baldur’s Gate and Ice Wind Dale. If you’re into tabletop role-playing games (and I feel like there’s a renaissance of these games in video game adaptations – just look at how Werewolf and Vampire – Masquerade have been adapted…), you’ll feel right at home here, even without clicking a mouse.

What did the last cup do?

We now have a political compass which can lead us to a decision in various ways. There’s a new place where it matters more how many tracks we can leave behind. The rise of politics in this game may be hard for some players to swallow, but rather than piss off a certain group, I’d rather piss off everyone or no one, because I’m just NOT going to let that factor into the points calculation. Nevertheless, this is a new addition. I should also mention that the ZA/UM game now has full dubbing. If you play with a controller, the controls will be easier, as the game should now be available on consoles. On the PlayStation 5, you can easily expect 4K and 60 frames per second, provided you have a powerful enough screen. If you already have the original, don’t worry: Get Final Cut as a free upgrade! Very good.

number 9, number 9, number 9…

Disco Elysium gets a nine out of ten (which is also true of Final Cut!) because it pokes fun at trends and the current era. Instead, it’s a decent CRPG. If it looked and sounded a little better, it would honestly be a 9.5. It has a decent story, good gameplay, perfect atmosphere – and the specs are low too, it can even run on a toaster. Thankfully, the expanded edition of the game didn’t ruin the gameplay at all.



+ Perfectly spelled
+ Perfectly written
+ Reproducible in ALL CAPS


– The sound is not as soft as for
– It should be a little nicer than
– I gave it a 9 for a reason…. I’m not going to nitpick!

Publisher: WA/UM

Developer: WA/UM

Genre: CRPG

Date of publication : 31. March 2021

REVIEW – This is a good game, especially for those who like both role-playing and exploring. If you like airplane scenes: Torment, Disco Elysium would be a good choice. And if for some reason you haven’t played it yet, don’t look for an excuse to skip ZA/UM, because it’s now available on consoles!   Typical: You wake up in your hotel room with a heavy hangover and amnesia. So, with this in-depth role-playing game – with a dialogue system as complex as Planescape’s – it’s up to you to…..

Disco Elysium: The final segment is the in-depth research of Revaholics.

Disco Elysium: The final segment is the in-depth research of Revaholics.



CRPG Throne

Gameplay – 9.8
Graph– 7.7
History – 9.8
Music/Audio – 8.7
Environment – 9.8

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frequently asked questions

How many endings does Disco Elysium have?

Disco Elysium actually has a normal ending: A conversation on your return from the sea fortress that concludes your investigation of the hanged man.

When will the disco from the final cut of Elysium be released?

DISCO ELYSIUM – Final Cut (Starts on March 30 !)

Can you fail at Disco Elysium?

But Disco Elysium is built to fail. In an interview, Kurwitz said: You never lose content through failure, the content just gets more miserable – and a lot more fun. So yes, in this way even failure is fun.

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