Are you considering buying a new smartphone? It certainly sounds tempting, but have you ever wondered if you really need a new phone? If not, now is the time to do so. We need to separate our wants from our needs. There were great phones a few years ago, but they didn’t have the functionality of today’s phones. So it didn’t come with a high price tag. Moreover, the operators offered their rather advantageous monthly rates. This way you can easily switch from the old to the new model when your contract expires.

The story is different now. There are very expensive phones on the market today. Take the example of the iPhone 7 or the Samsung Galaxy S8. If you want an unlocked phone, you have to spend hundreds of dollars. Network providers also offer these services, but you have to subscribe to a specific plan, and the usual options are 12, 24, and even 30 months. Of course, not all phones are this expensive. Yes, there are some very affordable ones, but before you spend money on them, ask yourself these questions.

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Is my phone working properly?

This is the first question you should ask yourself. Do you know if there are often failures? Or is your phone working properly? Even if you experience occasional problems, remember that you can probably solve them yourself. And you can do it with a few clicks or with handy applications.

Like I said, it’s important to separate our wants from our needs. A smartphone is obviously a necessity, but if the one you have now works well, why spend money on a new one? This is especially important if you are on a tight budget. So, before you rush to the store or to your vendor to purchase one of the latest tech gadgets, consider these things.

Do I need additional features?

When you see all those ads with the new design and features, you want to buy the phone. We all know the feeling. Fingerprint sensor, iris scanner, additional camera options, etc. – They all look cool. But it’s time to ask yourself if you really need it.

The more features, especially new ones, the higher the price. I remember a time when the fingerprint sensor was one of the reasons I needed a new phone. When my old one broke down, I decided to buy it. And mind you, I’m not even using the sensor right now. It all sounds cool and great, but after a while you’ll probably find it boring, especially if you’re not a techie. If your phone has everything you need and you actually use it, you may not need to buy a new one. At least, not yet.

How long will I use my new phone?

If you’re considering buying a phone worth hundreds of dollars, you need to ask yourself how long you’ll be using it. Think of the good old Nokia 3310 and similar phones. They buy it and use it for years. They were sturdy and fashionable.

Times have changed. Now you’re spending $700 or more on a new iPhone or Samsung S8, and next year you want to buy a new device. Of course the new device will have more features, more color choices, it will have more of everything.

Even if you are not considering buying an expensive device, but one of the cheap ones, compare it to your phone. Is it really better? Are you going to use it for two or three years? Otherwise, keep the money in your pocket a little longer.

Is the new model really better than its predecessor?

That’s the next question. You may think so, but let’s face it, the differences are usually not that great. The design of the phones hasn’t changed much either. The iPhone is a good example.

Everyone expected the iPhone 7 to be completely different from its predecessors. Once it was available, however, iPhone fans were a little disappointed. Basically the same design, with a few extra features. Is it worth replacing it? Probably not, especially if you have an iPhone 6 or 6s. Another thing to keep in mind is that the longer you wait, the lower the price. Is being patient good?

Should I leave it for something else?

The budget is crucial when shopping. Even if your budget isn’t tight, ask yourself if you’re saving that money for something else you really need. Or maybe you prefer another model?

First, establish your priorities. And even if you don’t have a priority purchase right now, you can save on a top-of-the-line model, something really great. Don’t forget one thing. The phones are still ringing off the hook. Every year there is an iPhone, a high-end phone from Samsung, LG, Huawei, HTC, etc. It would have been wiser to save money. When the time is right, you can buy the next best smartphone. Who knows?


If a new phone is not a necessity but a desire, remember that it is only an incentive to buy. We all have it. And these days, with new phones coming out all the time, shiny and beautiful, all we want to do is spend money on them. Before the business impulse overwhelms you, ask yourself these questions. If you give the answers, the momentum may be lost. You’ll be glad you didn’t waste your money, and you’ll realize that the phone you have now doesn’t need to be replaced.


frequently asked questions

How do I know if I need a new phone?

Daytime drawing of the Androy class….

How often should I buy a new phone?

It’s always nice to have the latest smartphone and technology in your hands, but for a device this expensive, you may want to upgrade at a rate similar to that of the average American: once every two years. When you upgrade your smartphone, it is important to recycle your old device.

Do I really need to upgrade my phone?

There is no need to upgrade. … In fact, there’s only one reason to upgrade your smartphone: buy the latest and most secure software, whether it’s Android or iOS. Apple does a good job with older phones, so iPhone users need not worry.

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