Gal*Gun Returns is set 10 years ago, when angel-in-training Cupid Patako is about to graduate. Before she can successfully complete her studies, she must complete one last task: She’s supposed to shoot a student with a pheromone injection. Unfortunately, her equipment gets out of control, and she ends up shooting a barrage of arrows into the back of Tenza Montesugi, a very unpopular boy at school. Given the number of shots received, Montesugi has until the end of the day to win the girl of his dreams. If he fails, he will be alone… forever.

Gal*Gun Returns is what you might call a peaceful shooter on rails. Instead of shooting aliens or enemy soldiers, you shoot schoolgirls with pheromones to make them euphoric. Unlike the previous installments in the Gal*Gun series, there are no twists and turns in Returns, so the game is fairly simple and linear. As with any railshooter, you have to be able to shoot the trigger quickly, as several ladies often come at you; and you have to make quick decisions, as some appear very close to you, while others appear in the background but quickly gain ground and attack you within seconds. Fortunately, you have an endless supply of pheromones, so you can push the button at will.

While the overall gameplay seems fairly simple and straightforward, there are certain situations where you will encounter Doki Doki mode. If certain conditions are met, for example B. if you are surrounded by too many girls at once, you can use the Doki Doki mode where you get to stand one-on-one with a girl and have to photograph her from different angles. When the meter is full, you can end it by pressing X. Sometimes you have to deal with certain barriers that protect the girl from getting shot. If you complete the Doki Doki lessons for girls successfully and on time, all the girls around you will also be completely satisfied.

Once you’re done with the main story of the game, the fun doesn’t stop there! You can dive back into the story to unlock lots of portraits and clothes for the girls; you can also switch to fantasy mode where you have to place the girls to … You’re looking. And then there is a campaign after history, the Doki Doki Carnival, where all the girls, except the one Montesugi is in love with, hate him. Or, if you want to challenge yourself, you can go for Score Attack.

The character models in Gal*Gun Returns look great with their unique designs and colorful uniforms. The areas are also very bright and colorful, typical of a cute anime game. Despite its somewhat sappy nature, it’s a somewhat sappy game; whether it’s the premise or Pataco’s clumsiness, it’s good for a laugh or two. For the record, the Xbox One version of the game was discarded because of the story, but this installment in the Gal*Gun series is pretty tame. The biggest problem is the length of the boots; they seem too long. As for the audio, the game has a generic, anime-inspired soundtrack that fits perfectly with the game’s visuals and premise; it’s not the soundtrack of the year, far from it, but it’s entertaining nonetheless.

Although Gal*Gun Returns seems rather boring, it’s actually a fun arcade game. The simplistic premise of an on-rails shooter makes it possible for anyone to pick up the phone and play if they can ignore the madness behind it. Even when you’re done with the main story, there’s enough content in the game to keep players interested for a while. It’s also a great game to relax and let your mind wander. But if you can’t stand repetition, this game might not be for you.

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