I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time being stuck in what I would call a CC rut.

Really, it’s just my inability to use another CC element once I find one I really like.

I’ve been using the same stuff for so long, it seems like the other options don’t exist for me.

And one thing I’m not good at is lighting. I will use the same ceiling light several times even if it doesn’t fit because I love it so much.

To help you avoid this, I’ve compiled a list of some great lighting options for your Sims 4 sessions. Have fun!

Leo 4 Sims Star Wand Sconce

Look at this CC

This star lamp is everything to me, I won’t lie.

It’s so simple, but so perfect for almost any space.

What I like most is the little outlet and the dangling cord. It feels so real to me.

This lamp would be perfect as a night light in a child’s bedroom, in the bathroom, or even in a sunroom or porch.

Furnished fairy house of Severinka

Look at this CC

Can you imagine this gem lighting the way to your little sim home?

Especially if you like the aesthetics of fairy tales.

This outdoor lamp is enchanting and really gives the impression of a fairy tale.

And while it’s technically an outdoor lamp, it can also look great in a child’s room.

Leo 4 Sims Light Fence

Look at this CC

Leo 4 Sims makes the best lighting decisions.

And the CC light fence is one of my favorites.

Personally, I like that the items used in the game look like they’ve been reused, and that’s what I like to see.

This fixture can be assembled to form a fence. It can even be placed against an existing fence to add character.

It also has great color options, making it suitable for any type of construction.

Leo 4 Sims Trap

Look at this CC

Like the previous item, this stair lamp looks perfectly re-purposed!

It even has the added detail of a handle and hanging cord that really finishes it off.

It would look great in a garage, workshop or even on a porch.

There is also a very nice lamp that goes with many different styles.

Listener Christmas lights Natalya

Look at this CC

I’m sure you’ve all seen the trend of hanging Christmas lights in rooms lately, right?

Well, I think it’s great that there’s room. So I guess our sims deserve it too.

These Christmas lights recap the EA lights we got from Seasons and reuse them for everyday use.

You can find them under the building mode lights, and they have so many colors to choose from!

Veranka Christmas Lamp

Look at this CC

Speaking of Christmas lights, am I the only one who forgets to decorate my house for the various Sim holidays?

Well, I often fail to decorate for the winter holidays because the trees never fit in my houses. But Veranka was able to solve the problem!

This beautiful light is designed for countertops and offers a choice of twenty-five different designs.

And it’s so festive, isn’t it? This would go well with any other CC Christmas theme.

Pink salt lamp with water pipe from a cedar wood box

Look at this CC

Look, another CC item for the Sims that we can all have in real life.

I’m sure you’ve all seen (or owned) a pink Himalayan salt lamp. And now your Sims can get one too!

They are said to have medicinal properties, but personally I think they are cute.

Cedar Chest Sims’ is also plumb formed, so how is it perfect?

I would love to see this little beauty in my home office or even in my bathroom!

NynaeveDesignZone Patio Candle

Look at this CC

I often put candles around my Sims’ houses to make them feel at home.

So when I found this CC from NynaeveDesign, I knew I had to have it.

The flame is very realistic and there are even small drops of wax to give the impression that the flame is melting.

I love it.

It is located among the table lamps in the mounting position and is available in five beautiful colors.

I bet it could also be scaled down or placed next to other candles to make a nice centerpiece.

Sunset Mirrorby Winner9

Look at this CC

As for my lights, I usually only use one or two mirrors in my games….. but now, with this one on Winner9, I have the best of both worlds!

This SS is available in twelve versions and also includes a non-illuminated option and a mirror only option.

It would look so cute in a teenager’s room, wouldn’t it?

Or maybe even a salon!

All samples are very clear. And as with the other lights in the game, here you can choose the color of the light and its opacity.

So he can make a statement in any room you put him in!

Redefining location– small living room lamp Allisas

Look at this CC

This one might look like the simple lamp we got from Tiny Living.

But that and much more!

Allisas took an already beautiful lamp and stuck it in the crevices in the floor to reduce the clutter. Because we all know that clutter makes our Sims’ homes more beautiful!

Since it’s designed for a small house, it could even hold essentials like books, or maybe even a small TV?

Amoeba neon ribbon lights

Look at this CC

This neon ribbon is so simple, and can be used for so many different things!

They come in many different colours. And it’s slim enough to not take up much wall space, while still giving off plenty of light.

I also think you could put them together and make a fixture/installation in almost any room in your house.

If you are looking for a fixture for a bar or some other type of club, these would look really great. Or try mixing and matching with other neon lights.

Cactus Fairy Light Leo 4 Sims

Look at this CC

Leo 4 Sims is back in business, people!

This pear cactus fairy is so cute.

Personally, I love the pink version, and I think the addition of light in the place of the little dots on the cactus is a great touch.

It’s meant for the table, but I think it would be great outside in the garden, or even on the porch, too!

CC has a total of 5 designs, and with different pots, there is an option for every style you need.

GRWM Ring light of Simkoos

Look at this CC

Okay, now that’s cool!

I’m sure you’ve seen at least one video of Prepare with me on some platform, right?

Well, now your Sims can shoot themselves!

Okay, maybe not… But with the ring lights, at least it looks like it’s happening!

They can also be used in a photo studio or even in a teenager’s bedroom, where he can record all his dance videos in the privacy of his room.

But it’s also the perfect lighting setup for any YouTube streamer. Who says your Sim can’t become an internet celebrity?

Yokeda Light by Winner9

Look at this CC

Well, there you go.

This is the same set I’ve been stuck with for months ….. but can you blame me?

This is great!

CC developer Winner9 has designed a range of modern yet minimalist lamps for every part of your home. And it’s available in four metallic colors!

These are the apps I use the most, and they fit so well with everything I’ve made since I downloaded them.

There are a total of eight lights in the set, so if you’re looking for a style or set for a room, this is it!

Addison light installed by Severinka

Look at this CC

Oh, man, I love a good light, Addison.

This QC installation of Severinka is absolutely amazing, isn’t it?

The kit is designed for medium height walls and would also be perfect in an attic.

The simple design is great, and the addition of long dangling cords will really enhance your pieces.

When you change the color of the light, the color of the lamp should also change, making everyone look good for whatever purpose.

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