When you try to run the hdloader application on your computer, you may experience a “Could not connect to AnyDesk network” error. This is probably because your firewall blocks the application’s connection to the Internet. You can fix this by adding a local exception to the firewall. If you are using Windows Firewall, click “Allow another app…” in the error window and choose the hdloader application.

The ‘Could not connect to AnyDesk network’ error is a problem that can affect computer users using the AnyDesk software, particularly when trying to connect to an AnyDesk server via a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. The error message appears when the user attempts to use the AnyDesk software, and can be annoying due to the fact that it affects the user’s ability to remotely access their computer.

Anydesk is a remote desktop application that works on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS. Allows you to connect to a remote person to access their screen, take control and share files.

Users often see connection errors when trying to connect to Anydesk, such as. B. that a connection to the Anydesk network cannot be established. In this article, we will understand the causes of Anydesk errors and how to fix them quickly.

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To connect to Anydesk, both external applications must be running and also have an Internet connection. Missing any of these three elements can cause an Anydesk error.

The types of error messages in Anydesk are as follows:

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Below are two of the most common Anydesk error messages, with their causes and solutions.

Error due to network problems

  • Anydesk is not connected to the server. Check your internet connection.
  • This table is not available. Make sure that Anydesk is running on the remote computer and that it is connected to the Internet.
  • I’m waiting for a picture.

This Anydesk error message occurs when your Internet connection is slow or weak. It may also be due to a misconfigured firewall or other network problem.

The first way to fix this error is to check your internet connection. Try moving closer to the router to get a better connection. If you cannot connect to the internet, check your firewall settings.

Firewall configuration error

  • Status: win32_10060
  • Status: win32_11001
  • Status: win32_10054

Windows generates this error message due to misconfiguration of the firewall or changes to the firewall.

One solution to these Anydesk errors, to allow incoming connections for Anydesk, is to whitelist Anydesk with *.net.anydesk.com.

The TCP ports for Anydesk are 80, 443 and 6568. To avoid this message for the portable client, disable the TCP listening ports in the user client.

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Here are common Anydesk status messages, along with their causes and solutions.

Cannot connect to the remote computer. The AnyDesk window must be open on the remote computer to establish a connection.

This error often occurs because interactive access is disabled on your system. For all incoming sessions and requests, you must accept the request before it is automatically rejected.

Enabling interactive access is a quick fix for these Anydesk errors. After activation, you can click Accept to establish the connection, or another person must enter valid login information.

Visible when interactive access is enabled

Firewall configuration error

If the firewall is not configured correctly, the following two errors will be displayed.

  • The session ended on the other side. Please wait while Anydesk attempts to restore the session.
  • The network connection was closed unexpectedly.

Both errors are due to a misconfigured firewall. The connection is reset here in the middle of a session.

The solution to this Anydesk error is to allow incoming connections for Anydesk by whitelisting Anydesk with *.net.anydesk.com.

Session denied due to access control settings on the remote computer.

This error occurs when you have not been whitelisted by someone else in the access control list.

The solution to this Anydesk error is to add the person’s name to the white list in the Access Control settings on the Security tab of the Preferences.

Access control list for whitelists

Your license no longer allows sessions. Close other sessions or contact the sales department for an update.

This error occurs when the limit of licensed sessions is reached. It can also be a problem if there are sessions running in the background that have not yet been completed.

The solution to such Anydesk errors is to either upgrade to make the application work smoothly, or end the multiple sessions running in the background with your customer area on my.anydesk.com.

Session ended. Status: desk_rt_27

Sometimes it terminates automatically due to an inactive session. This error can also occur if one person is using Anydesk 6.1.0 or higher and the other is not.

The solution to these Anydesk errors is to first check your Anydesk version and update it if necessary. If you are in a session, maintain activity or log back in if you are automatically logged out.

You can also disable automatic shutdown or set a time limit for automatic shutdown. You can do this in the Security tab of the settings.

To disable or set the automatic disconnection limit.

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Below you will find common error messages when connecting to Anydesk, the causes and solutions.

Please wait until the remote user has accepted the UAC dialog box.

UAC stands for admin rights and elevation of rights. After installation, Anydesk will automatically run as administrator and you can choose who is listed as administrator.

When you submit an upgrade request, a UAC dialog box appears on the other side where you can provide administrator credentials or cancel the UAC request. To resolve this Anydesk error, obtain administrator rights by asking the remote user to accept the request and assigning rights.

Too many connection attempts rejected. Try again later.

This error usually occurs if the remote station has repeatedly rejected your request.

Try contacting the remote party to grant access, or try again later when the remote party is available. You can also log in with unattended access credentials if the third party has provided them.

The connection to the remote computer is blocked by AnyDesk settings.

Each user has the ability to configure and block incoming calls and connection requests that may cause this error.

To resolve this Anydesk error, contact the remote user directly to unblock it so you can connect. You can do this in the Security tab of the settings.

Settings for incoming connection requests

External playback server is not supported

This error occurs when a remote user is using Linux or display servers such as X11.

Anydesk’s solution to these errors is to change the display server on the login screen when the user logs out of the session.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix connection to the AnyDesk network?

If you’re a user of the AnyDesk software, you may have noticed that your connection to the AnyDesk network has started to become intermittent. The most likely reason for this is that your local network simply isn’t fast enough to handle the demands of the AnyDesk software and the many other devices you have connected to your wireless router. If you can’t afford to upgrade your router, consider connecting a computer to the router with an ethernet cable to provide a more stable connection. If you are an AnyDesk user who is connecting to the AnyDesk network, you may encounter an error message that says “Unable to connect to the AnyDesk network”. This error message appears if the AnyDesk Network Manager is unable to connect to the AnyDesk network. The AnyDesk Network Manager is an application that is found in the Windows Control Panel. This application is the main interface between your computer and the AnyDesk network. If you are connected to the internet, you will see the AnyDesk Network Manager icon in your system tray. The AnyDesk Network Manager icon will appear as an unlocked network icon if you have a connection to the AnyDesk network. If you are unable to connect to the network, the icon will

How do I connect to AnyDesk local network?

We will be using anydesk to remotely connect to our computers, laptops etc. But in order to do that, we will first have to connect to the anydesk network. For anydesk to connect to your machine, you will need to have a public ip address, which is assigned by your ISP. In most cases, this is the automatically assigned ip address. If you cant find your ip address, go to google and type ‘my ip’. This will lead you to a site that will show you your public ip address. Before you start, you will need to install anydesk on your computer and register for an account at https://anydesk.com/ . Make sure both your computer and your phone are connected to the same wifi network and then follow these steps: Go to the start menu on your computer and search for the application “anydesk remote desktop” and launch it. Click on the “+” in the top right corner of the application and click “anydesk”. In the pop-up window, enter your email address that you used to register with anydesk in the first box and your password in the second box. In the next box, click “next”. Click on the “i”

How do I enable allow AnyDesk?

You’ve just downloaded anydesk on your PC. It’s a great program that lets you remote desktop into your favorite devices. You’ve probably heard of the anydesk mobile app, but did you know there are also apps for Mac, Windows, Linux, and even tablets? All you have to do to use anydesk is to install it on your device. Once you’ve completed that, you can connect to it using the anydesk desktop app on your PC. AnyDesk is a tool for connecting to your computers. If you have a fast internet connection, you can use it to control your computer from another location. This is especially useful if you have a computer that is too slow to use, but still have a fast internet connection. Sometimes, AnyDesk doesn’t want to run. Usually, this is because you have an antivirus running that is blocking it for some reason. Just disable your antivirus for a while, and you should be fine.

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