It’s that time again, Final Fantasy XIV is hosting the Moogle Treasure Trove event. In this case, you can buy irregular esoteric stones to offer exclusive items that are only available for a limited time. The Moogle Treasure will be open from 15. March until the release of patch 5.5, so you have plenty of time to find the irregular esoteric tombs. If you’re looking for something at an affordable price, we recommend you choose one, but rideshares don’t offer the same value as some of the other items you can buy. Before you start looking for vendors, you should start with the coin of the event. It may take a while, but it’s pretty simple.

On the main page, you need to search for dungeons and advanced tasks that have a small Moogle icon next to them on the task search page. You can open the service search program by pressing the U key on the keypad.


The tasks you accomplish in your Duty Seeker reward you with irregular Esoteric Nuggets. You can choose to complete dungeon or frontline PvP tasks to earn these items.

Every duty or PvP event you complete will not give you the same number of irregular esoteric tokens. The more difficult tasks offer more rewards, but as long as you’re working with a strong group, you should be able to calmly get through the content and get all the items you want from the merchants.

Here’s a list of all the dungeons and PvP activities you can do, along with the number of irregular tokens you get for each.

  • An irregular book of esotericism
    • Alexander – The Fist of the Father (Level 60 – Raid)
    • Alexander – Father’s Cuff (Level 60 – Raid)
    • Alexander – Hand of the Father (Level 60 – Raid)
    • Alexander – The Father’s Burden (Level 60 – Raid)
  • Three irregular tomatoes of esotericism
    • Zamael Dark Pit (Level 44)
  • Four irregular esoteric tomatoes
    • Amdapor Dungeon (Level 50)
    • Aurum Valley (Level 47)
    • Lake Keeper (Level 50).
    • Vagabond Palace (Level 50).
  • Three or five irregular tombstones of esotericism
    • Hidden Rift – PvP
    • Onsal Hakari (Danshig Naadam) – PvP
    • Borderland Ruins (Safe) – PvP
    • Fields of Glory (Shards) – PvP
    • Seal Rock (Manger) – PvP
  • The five irregular tumblers of esotericism
    • Royal city of Rabanaster (Level 70 – Raid)
  • Six irregular esoteric tubs
    • Ridoran Lighthouse (Level 70 – Raid)
  • The Seven Irregular Tomographs of Esotericism
    • Castrum Meridian (Level 50)
    • Orbonne Monastery (Level 70 – Raid)
  • 10 Esoteric irregular headstones
    • Praetorium (Level 50)

If you’re ready to make your esoteric toms irregular, you can visit one of the three Itinernat Moogs in the world.

  • Limas Lomins lower bridge – X:9.4, Y:11.6
  • New Gridana: X – 12.4, Y : 12.1
  • Ulda, Nalda’s ladder: X – 9.6, Y : 9.1

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frequently asked questions

How do I get irregular tomestones?

Esoteric irregular headstones can only be purchased during the event. The exchange will be available until the release of patch 6.0.

How do you grow irregular Thomstons?

What do you do with an irregular headstone?

Non-regular headstones can only be used from the age of 18. Can be saved until patch 5.3 is released and can be replaced before patch 5.4 is released. All that’s left to do is get your Tomestones and get those rewards!

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