Animated Video Production Company – What was originally intended for the production of cartoons for children has now grown into a booming market with the need for quality animated content for animated explainer video companies. Animated video services have evolved over the years.

A deep dive into animation and video animation companies

As videos have become an integral part of our daily lives, there is an increasing need to make your video stand out in the crowd. Animated videos have always been attractive because of their colorful and visually appealing elements. By combining this with an explanation of your product or service, you increase the appeal of the services you offer. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how explainer animations can help your business and how a video animation company can help you create an engaging video.

How animated explainer videos can help your business

  • They attract attention and increase your brand awareness.

The animated videos are colorful, visually appealing and simple enough to grab the attention of anyone who scrolls through them. Most people consider animated videos as a form of entertainment, giving them a better user experience. It also allows them to learn about your brand and the services you offer, which increases your brand awareness.

Helping you score better in Google

It’s common knowledge that Google loves video. Google’s SEO algorithm can be unpredictable, but there’s plenty of evidence that you’re likely to rank higher if your landing page includes a video. The chance of appearing on the first page of Google search results is about 53%. Since an animated explainer video is usually around 30 seconds or longer, the time a user spends on your website increases significantly. And the longer a user stays on your site, the higher their score will be.

They are a powerful sales tool

In addition to increasing brand awareness, animated explainer videos can also help you communicate your USP and get people to better evaluate the offer. About 80% of people want to see a visual representation of the product or service you are offering before they decide to buy it. This makes it a powerful sales tool that will give you a high return on investment (ROI).

You can turn complex ideas into simple visual effects

Explainer videos have the ability to break down complex concepts into simple, straightforward visualizations for better understanding. Whether it’s the inner workings of your product or the services you offer, they can easily be turned into a simplified animated video. A good video conveys valuable information in a short period of time and keeps the audience informed. If done well, they can even explain the essence of your brand’s vision in a concise and compelling way.

They make your brand strong.

When animated videos lead the audience to make informed decisions, the brand gains the trust of its audience for its efforts. This is especially the case when the brand’s ethos and ideology are well represented, allowing the audience to better understand the brand. When people trust and understand your brand, they are more open to the services and products you offer.

They are easily shared and can go viral.

Because video content is so popular these days, all material of interest to the public is shared on various platforms. With a good animation company, the video can even go viral. The company optimizes videos for different platforms, so you get the results you want.

Video animation companies and how can they help you?

Hiring video animation production companies is the best option for you if you don’t want to waste your resources on hiring your own design team and lose focus on your business. Video animation companies take care of all the processes involved in creating a high-quality video that meets all your requirements.

You care:

The first step in this process is research. The agency will give your brand a briefing to formulate an idea for the video. The research team ensures that your concepts, products or specific requirements are well understood. Research also helps you determine the best strategy that will work in the current market scenario and ensures that the message you want to convey is communicated in the right way.

Scripting and content creation

Once you have the idea, you need to create the content for the video. For each image used in the video, the concept should be fully explained. And it is important that the intended message is conveyed simply and completely.

The storyboard is basically like a comic book. It shows the video sequence and how each scene will unfold. This allows those involved to understand how the video will turn out and make changes to the footage before the actual production begins.

Illustration and animation

Once the script and storyboard are complete, the agency moves on to illustration. Customers can choose from a variety of illustration styles. Upon completion, all necessary elements such as symbols, icons and backgrounds are mapped. The animation and motion graphics team then animates the elements needed to convey the final message.

Post-production is the final phase and includes editing, sound mixing, narration, adding graphics and background music. The final product is then sent to the customer for feedback and requested changes.


Video marketing is necessary in this scenario to reach your target audience. A good animated explainer video does more than just market your products and services; it can help you connect with your audience and keep them coming back. And a good video animation production company can be the right step forward. They will ensure that your message is delivered in the most engaging way and that you get the results you want.

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