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Microsoft has released a new build for Windows 10. The latest update, build 21370, is now available to Windows Insiders running the Windows 10 Insider Dev Channel. If you’re not familiar with the channel, this build is very early in development, so you should expect a lot of bugs. This isn’t a build for production machines. Microsoft said that this build brings several new features, including one that users have wanted for a long time.

Microsoft has released Windows 10 Build 21370 to the Insider Channel, which means that Insiders in the Fast ring that have opted into Skip Ahead will be able to make use of this new build. As you can imagine, build 21370 includes a fairly significant number of bug fixes, in addition to a few new features. The most noteworthy of these new features is the Edge browser’s revamping of its tab experience, which now includes a feature affectionately known as “tabs on demand.”

Microsoft today released Windows 10 Insider Preview build 21370 for Windows Insiders on the Dev channel. There aren’t many changes, but it finally combines multiple Bluetooth endpoints into one device and automatically detects the correct endpoint.

What’s new in Windows 10 build 21370

Bluetooth Audio Extension

In recent months, Microsoft has added new features to make streaming Bluetooth audio easier, better, and more powerful.

  • Unified audio termination point : No more navigating between different audio endpoints to get your Bluetooth headset’s voice and microphone to work properly. Now only theandaudio endpoints are displayed in the user interface and automatically switch to the endpoint you need for smooth operation. Listen to Spotify, and then talk further with the team? You can now also control the headset volume directly.
  • Supports the AAC codec: Enjoy wireless streaming of quality sound to Bluetooth headphones and speakers with the AAC codec. AAC stands for Advanced Audio Codec. It is a lossy codec that allows high-quality audio streams to be delivered in small files, which is ideal for listening to music online.

Changes and improvements

  • Minor change to the icons in the address bar of the file explorer.
  • The touch keyboard start animation has been improved to be smoother in cases where UWP applications are rendered fuzzy.
  • Modified: When you focus on the Run dialog box, the backslash key ( ) now appears on the touchpad.


  • News & Interests] Fixed an issue where the mouse cursor on the News & Interests button did not always open a pop-up window.
  • News and Features] Fixed an issue where the News and Features popup window could freeze when displaying rotated items that were loaded.
  • News & Interests] Some reliability and performance improvements have been made to explorer.exe.
  • News and interests] Fixed an issue where news and interests could sometimes appear briefly in the taskbar when it is aligned at the top.
  • Fixed an issue where some insiders were getting error 0092004 when installing KB5001030 – 2021-02 Cumulative Update Preview for .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.8 after upgrading to a previous version.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed insiders to see error 0070005 when installing framework updates.
  • Fixed the explorer.exe crash in the previous flight that could cause problems with the login screen and logging in after resuming sleep mode.
  • Fixed an issue where some Insiders were getting a CRITICAL PROCESS DIED error during error checking.
  • Fixed an issue where Narrator was not giving an error message on the login screen after entering multiple incorrect passwords.
  • Fixed an issue causing non-functional characters to appear in the parameter text.
  • Fixed an issue where Cortana was not launched from the taskbar after tapping the icon.
  • Fixed problem with mouse input on dual home screen.
  • Fixed translation problems in the -help text of the Windows subsystem for Linux.
  • The operating system update makes copies of libdxcore.so and other files when the Windows subsystem is used for Linux.
  • Two problems with the reliability of conhost.exe have been resolved.
  • Fixed two problems where some USB printer drivers did not initialize properly.
  • Fixed an issue where an unexpected 7 was entered when sending the VK_HOME virtual key code with Japanese IME and Numlock enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where the Japanese 50 layout was incorrectly inserting full-width spaces on the touch keyboard in switch mode.
  • Fixed an issue where the Chinese pinyin IME inserted a replacement rule if you selected a cloud candidate while the cloud candidate entry was still loaded.

Known issues

  • We are following up on reports that the update process gets stuck for a long time when installing a new version.
  • We are currently investigating an issue that causes search items (including the file explorer search bar) to no longer display correctly in a dark theme.
  • Currently, the Windows Camera application does not respect the default brightness settings set on the new camera settings page.
  • We are working on a solution for WSL users who noticed that File Explorer startup performance decreased after upgrading to version 21354 and higher.
  • Some instances of the Windows Subsystem for Linux do not start with the message The parameter is incorrect. This known problem is followed here in the WSL repository.

If you have set your device to receive updates from Dev Channel/Fast Ring, open Settings – > Update & Recovery and click the Check for Updates button on the right. Allows you to install the latest available Insider Preview version of Windows 10. In the case of version 21277, you will need to install it from the additional updates page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the latest insider build of Windows 10?

Last week, Microsoft released another Insider Preview build of Windows 10. Whether you’re an Insider or not, you can download the build by going to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Insider Program. Just be sure you’re signed in with the Microsoft account you used to register! You know, you wouldn’t think that a new version of Windows would be a big deal after so many years. But, then again, you haven’t seen Windows 10 yet. Replacing the old Windows 8 entirely, Windows 10 is actually a combination of the familiar operating system we know and love, and a new mobile operating system called Windows Phone 10. This combination of the best of both worlds has some pretty amazing benefits, including the ability to stream music, videos, and other content from your phone to your PC, or from your PC to your phone.

How do I fix windows insider build ran into a problem?

Windows Insider build ran into a problem. But you can fix it. When you receive a Windows insider build and it won’t install or keeps getting stuck, don’t worry. These issues are very common in the Windows insider program and can be easily fixed. Windows 10 insider preview latest build is a system that has been developed by Microsoft, which aims to allow users to receive the latest updates to Windows before they are officially released to the public. The purpose is to allow Microsoft to test the updates with the help of millions of users, before they are made commercially available. When the company released the latest Windows 10 insider preview, some users started to report that the build ran into a problem.

How do I get rid of the Windows 10 Insider preview update?

Windows 10 has been available as a preview, on a number of different devices. Due to the nature of preview software, it isn’t always perfect, and there may be a few glitches that need to be worked out. This is why Microsoft has offered a way to leave the Insider program, and exclusively download the public version of Windows 10, which won’t have any glitches. Leaving the Insider program is a bit complicated, just like joining, and there are some things you should know. For starters, you need access to a Windows 10 PC. This means you can’t leave the Insider preview if you only have a Mac or a Windows Phone. You will also need to have a Microsoft account, which is the same thing that allows you to log in Windows 10 is not similar to any OS we’ve seen before. It’s a lot more like Windows Phone, with a flat design that puts an emphasis on content and doesn’t sport the dark, skeuomorphic look that we’ve come to associate with Windows. Still, many users are not happy with the latest update from Windows 10, dubbed the Insider Preview. If you’re part of the Insider program and you want to get rid of the Insider Preview update, you can use this guide to get rid of it.

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