Microsoft has released a new stable version of PowerToys. This version contains many interesting improvements and fixes. However, a tool to mute video conferences is still not in place.

First, there will be changes to the system requirements. PowerToys require Windows 10 v1903 or later after the release of version 0.35.x. Microsoft said it will be possible to continue supporting older versions of Windows 10, but only after upgrading to WinUI3. Currently, Microsoft cannot support Windows 10 versions lower than 1903, so the company will increase the requirements.

Secondly, there is no tool to mute video conferences in this version. The company will test it again in the upcoming 0.36 PowerToys pilot version. Allows you to disable the microphone and/or camera for all applications at once. For now, it is only available in experimental versions.

These are the changes made to the PowerToys applications.

What’s new in PowerToys 0.35.

Color selector

  • Implementation of the UX in the editor.
  • Esc can now be used to close the editor.

Beautiful areas

  • Added keyboard shortcuts and a shortcut function for custom layouts! Users can now assign a hotkey in the editor and use it to quickly define desktop areas with the hotkeys Ctrl + Win + Alt + NUMBER or by pressing a hotkey while dragging a window.
  • UX updates.
  • Fixed algorithm for zone placement when taskbar is vertical
  • Bug fixes

Running PowerToys

  • The user can determine where the startup window should be displayed.
  • Added a new plugin to support opening previously used Visual Studio Code workspaces, remote machines (SSH or Code Spaces) and containers! When enabled, use { to list the available workspaces. Note that this plugin is disabled by default.
  • The command history now stores the original command instead of the resolved command. A command such as. B. %appdata% is now stored in the shell history instead of C:UsersYourUserNameAppDataRoaming.
  • It is best to keep a log to try and track down some of the errors.
  • Bug fixes

Download toys

You can download PoweToys from GitHub.

Here you will find the stable and pre-released versions of the application package.

Toy applications

Windows 10 PowerToys currently includes the following applications.

  • Screen recording – a new tool allows the user to record part of the application on the screen, and save it to a file. In particular, you can create a GIF animation of what the user has captured. Other features include the ability to crop the recording and adjust the quality of the video/GIF.VideoMenuEditor
  • The Video Conference Mute Tool is an experimental tool that allows you to mute sound and video on your computer with a single click of a button or mouse.

  • ColorPicker is a quick and easy system-wide color picker that allows you to pick up a color value anywhere on the screen.PowerToys Color Picker
  • PowerRename is a utility for renaming a large number of files with different naming conditions, such as. B. Find and replace part of a filename, define regular expressions, change uppercase, etc. PowerRename is implemented as a shell extension for the file explorer (read the plugin). A dialog box will open with a number of options.

  • FancyZones – FancyZones is a window manager that makes it easy to organize and include windows in efficient layouts for your workflow and to quickly restore those layouts. FancyZones allows the user to define a series of window locations on the desktop that serve as drag-and-drop targets for windows. When the user drags a window into an area, its size and location is adjusted to fill that area.FancyZones MultiMon improvements
  • Windows Shortcut List – The Windows Shortcut List is a full-screen overlay that provides a dynamic set of Windows shortcuts that apply to a specific desktop and the currently active window. When you hold down a Windows key for a second (you can adjust this time in Preferences), an overlay appears on your desktop with all the available Windows shortcuts and the action those keys perform, depending on the current state of your desktop and the active window. If you continue to hold down the Windows key after that, the overlay persists and shows the new status of the active window.PowerToys quick link guide
  • Image Editor, a Windows shell extension for quickly resizing images.PowerToys Image Editor
  • File Explorer add-ons – a set of file explorer add-ons. Currently includes two additions to the preview window to display the contents of *.MD and *.SVG files.

  • PowerToys Run, offers a new run command with additional options such as. B. Quickly search for applications, files and documents. It supports extensions to get features like a calculator, dictionaries and online search engines.

  • The Keyboard Manager is a tool that allows you to redirect each key to a different function. It can be configured in the main PowerToys dialog.Allows you to set up a single key or a series of keys (shortcut).

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According to Sergei Tkachenko, the 1. April 2021 the last update of Windows 10.

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