In every game there comes a moment where you know whether you’re going to love it or hate it, and for me that moment came when Barrott kicked me in the face. Up until then, my monster hunting career had been booming, but Barrot, a virtual dinosaur of earth and stone, sent me to camp to rethink my choices. The mutated chickens, giant lizards, and bear-like monsters I had fought up to that point posed no problem for me, but Barrot did.

I jumped into multiplayer mode and hunted as a group, paying close attention to the beast’s attack pattern, dealing damage when needed, and making way when the more experienced hunters retreated. I went back to single player mode and got into another fight with the monster, and this time I danced around him, shrinking him to his size while barely taking any damage. When I decided to groom him so that I could make a full suit of armor out of his head, I knew I had fallen in love with Rise of the Monster Hunter.

Excessive past

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The game is divided into single and multiplayer missions involving gathering resources, exploring the terrain and hunting monsters. To progress through the campaign, you play village quests, with key story moments giving you an excuse to hunt down more monsters in between. You interact with NPCs, learn about them and do chores for them, but the main idea is that a giant monster is probably going to destroy the village. You don’t want this to happen, because you keep your things in the village and you went on a mission to prevent it.

To do this, you need to become more powerful, gain more experience, and develop a collection of weapons that will almost certainly put you on the waiting list. None of this has anything to do with the real reason you’re playing Monster Hunter: Monsters, giant weapons and cute creatures to help you.

In Monster Hunter Rise, you have two friends, Palico the cat and Palamute the dog. Paliko collects resources, heals you, and even throws bombs at monsters while Paliko acts as a mount. Both fight alongside you, except in multiplayer mode, where you’re limited to one partner.

Monster Hunter Rise’s story always leaves room for action, and that’s a good thing. Capcom understands why Monster Hunter is considered a great series and what people love about it. That’s why they do their best not to get in each other’s way. You want to breed monsters, build awesome armor and become the best monster hunter you can be.

A key addition to Rise is Rampages, an active tower defense in which you take on a horde of creatures invading the city’s defenses. They are fun and hectic, require foresight and determination, and are a big part of the game.

Slaughtering data

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The battles in Monster Hunter are quite unique. It’s not just about pushing buttons and hoping for the best. Huge swords made of bones and giant hammers made of ice, pounding the air with the urge of a glacier. You really need to know when to hit and when not to hit. Enemy animations must be studied carefully, and clever combos are used at relatively close range. Most of all, you have to respect the huge monster that likes to take you down and leave you in the mud.

The variety of weapons can be a bit of a handicap for new players, and it may get worse when dozens of upgrade trees become available to everyone, but the important thing is to keep up and learn somewhere. In that respect, Rise is a very traditional Monster Hunter game.

The real fun is in the multiplayer battles, where it becomes a madhouse and four people hack a creature. You have to learn to work together, because it’s pretty easy to ruin the fight for everyone else by taking too much damage, fading too often, and then failing the quest. If you see someone falling backwards to heal themselves, you should try to get the monster’s attention so he doesn’t follow you. It’s a lot of fun and after a while it becomes natural to read about the battle.

Time for reflection


Monster Hunter Rise contains a few elements that may come as a surprise, but are clearly inspired by the fact that Monster Hunter Rise is currently only available on a device where portability is a major drawback. Most of them respect the player’s time. Finding monsters is actually very easy, and with the intuitive communication system you can let other players know when you’ve found them.

Monsters still move around the map during battles, but their routes are now marked, so you know where they’re going and can send them to the pass. Mining is almost immediate, and mineral deposits reveal all their riches with a single pick. Even better, Palamute and the new Wirebug system make traversing the terrain much faster.

Palamute is a great mount to run everything while you heal and sharpen your weapon between fights. Wirebug lets you do Spider-Man-like moves, climb rocks or move around the map with ease. They can also be used in battles, adding an extra dimension to an already deep and entertaining fight.

Even the areas you walk through are more useful now, with resources that you can immediately convert into useful items. With less prep work for each quest, it’s much easier to get in. Monster Hunter Rise feels like it was designed for a lunch break or commute, but it can also keep you entertained for hours at home.


Monster Hunter Rise is an impressive game in many ways. Fears about the game’s performance on the Switch have proven unfounded. While the environments are a little less visually pleasing than in the Monster Hunter world, the monsters are more incredible than ever. I haven’t had any issues with Battlefield’s visuals yet, but people who demand the highest visual fidelity are better off waiting for the PC version. However, the game loads incredibly fast, and this loading speed is simply one of the game’s greatest technical achievements.

The addition of Wirebugs inspires players with the way they change the course of battles, the way they move around the map, and even with the all-important stiffness factor by riding huge monsters and using them to fight other monsters. The exciting thing about Wirebugs and Palamutes is that the show can never afford to stray from them, they are so positive.

Monster Hunter Rise is a great title, and with future updates adding even more meat to the bones, it will eventually become a solid meal for veteran players. It’s also a great first monster hunting experience for newcomers to the series, a bit more forgiving and understanding than the series has been in the past.

It’s not often that an established franchise can innovate so positively twice in a row, but Monster Hunter Rise impressively builds on the changes in the world, and what’s most exciting is how easy it is to believe that the best of Monster Hunter is yet to come.

+ Works great on the Switch, and the charge time is a dream.
+ It’s easy to get into multiplayer, which not all Switch games can claim.
+ Adding Palamutes and Wirebugs is a real game changer.
+ The battles and the variety of monsters sparkle
An early abundance of information about the game can attract new players.

Disclosure: The game code was provided for review.

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frequently asked questions

Can a monster hunter get up properly?

Monster Hunter Rise is the best title in terms of gameplay and access to multiplayer, but those who play the game at launch experience it with only seven levels of content.

How big is the monster hunter?

Monster Hunter Rise currently takes up just 6.6 GB on the Nintendo Inverse Switch.

Will the monster hunter rise like the world?

Monster Hunter Rise is very similar to Monster Hunter : Peace, and for good reason. … The game hasn’t been drastically revised, so it’s the same basic Monster Hunter experience players are used to, but Rise manages to add some new mechanics and aesthetics that help it stand out.

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