In Rebellion of Kingdoms, your civilization, or nation, determines the advantages your city has, as well as the special units and starting commander you have access to.

Choosing a strong civilization that suits your purpose and progress can help you advance faster and expand your empire.

There are now a total of 11 unique civilizations in Rise of the Kingdoms.

Many players have trouble deciding which civilization to go for at different stages of the game.

Therefore, we’ve created this list of Rise of Kingdoms civilization levels to give you an overview of the best civilizations in the game in general, as well as recommendations for the early stages and for specific quests.

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List of civilisation levels

When you begin playing Rise of Kingdom, you must choose your civilization.

Each civilization has unique architectural styles, special units, starting commanders and bonuses.

The variety of civilizations gives Kingdom Rising an exciting twist.

One civilization may accelerate mining and resource gathering or research and construction, while another offers a stat increase for one or more specific troops.

This variety allows you to choose the civilization that helps you meet your current needs.

For these reasons, this first decision is decisive.

You can change your civilization later, but getting one that helps you from the start is a big advantage.

Given the advantages of each civilization, it is better to play some civilizations in the early stages and others in the later stages.

It is therefore advisable to change civilization at some point.

As we said before, the civilization you start with is never final.

In exchange for 10,000 gems, you can use the Change Civilization feature to switch to a civilization that excels in certain tasks or play styles, or that matches your status in the game.

If you have a specific strategy in mind, you can choose the ideal civilization to match that strategy.

For example, you have to choose a civilization suitable for rallies if you are the rally leader in your alliance.

The civilization you choose should allow you to specialize further if you excel in a particular activity.

The following list of levels ranks all the civilizations in Rebellion of Kingdoms according to their power and usefulness in the endgame.

If you’re just starting out, refer to the later sections of this guide for instructions on the early stages of the game and the special challenges.

Civilizations are classified into levels from S to C, with S being the highest and C the lowest.

We will update this list as the meta evolves, the game is updated, or a new civilization is introduced.


Symbol Civilisation Rating Perks Launch commander Special module
UNITED KINGDOM S +5% archer attack, +5% squad training speed, +20% allied garrison ability. Boudica Crossbowman
Germany S +5% cavalry attack, +5% troop speed, +10% action point recovery Herman Teutonic Knights
Korea S +5% archer defense, +15% hospital ability, +3% quest speed. Eulji Mundeok Hwarang
Arabia A +5% cavalry attack, +10% damage against barbarians and neutrals, +5% damage against connected armies. Baibars Mamluk
China A +3% troop defense, +5% action point recovery, +5% build rate. Sun Tzu Chu-Ko-Nu
France A +3% troop health, +10% wood gathering, +20% stationary healing. Joan of Arc The fall of the axe-men
Japan A +3% troop attack, +30% reconnaissance speed, +5% resource gathering speed. Kusunoki-Masashige Samurai
Ottoman B +5% archer health, +5% group run speed, +5% active skill damage. Osman I Janitsaren
Rome B +5% infantry defense, +5% troops marching speed, +10% food gathering speed Scipio Africanus Legionnaires’ disease
Spain B +5% cavalry defense, +10% experience for barbarians and neutrals, +20% resource extraction. Pelagius Conquistador
Byzantium C +5% cavalry health, +10% stone collection rate, +15% hospital capacity Belisarius Cataphracted

The current list of levels is based on civilization rankings from Rise of Kingdoms YouTubers and the Rise of Kingdoms subreddit community.

Best civilization start

The best civilization for new players of Rise of Kingdoms is China.

Led by Commander Sun Tzu and enhanced troops, China’s defensive capabilities are strong and compact.

As a beginner, China gives you great advantages, especially in the beginning of the game where building your city is crucial.

At this stage of the game, you should only focus on improving the town hall.


China is the best civilization for beginners because it offers a 5% higher build rate.

Most of your power will come from the buildings you make.

You can then use this power to gain access to the upper floors of City Hall and increase your chances of joining a powerful alliance.

You also benefit from a 5% action point recovery at launch.

Action point recovery allows you to quickly recover action points.

You can use them to shine in many events and increase the speed of your commanders.

At this rate, you’ll also be able to hunt more barbarians as your playstyle develops in battle.

China is also increasing troop defense by 3%.

This amazing feature applies to units like besiegers, cavalry, infantry and archers.

You’ll appreciate the usefulness of this feature when you start assembling armies from different troops.

Focus on China

  • Build your city quickly – especially the town hall.
  • Focus on defense instead of offense and make your city strong.
  • In the beginning of the game, concentrate on building a strong city rather than a powerful attacking army.


Sun Tzu will bolster your defenses as a starting commander, but you will also encounter other commanders such as. B. :

  • Cao Cao.
  • Wu Zetian.
  • Guan Yu.

You can also use Sun Tzu’s active skills in PvP and field battles.

Special units

Once you unlock the level 4 troops, you get two special units, the Chu-Ko-Nu and the Elite Chu-Ko-Nu.

These special units have a good balance between offense and defense.

They allow you to withstand powerful attacks and violent blows.

They also help defend against infantry escapes.

China is an ideal starting civilization because it offers the speed of building and the necessary defensive fortifications.

For starters, focus on development and stay away from open warfare, which is exactly what China is allowing you to do.

Best civilization for F2P

The best civilization for F2P (free-to-play) players of Rise of Kingdoms is Britain.

Britain is a civilization that prides itself on a mix of defense and offense.

With Boudica at the helm, the British ships have tremendous power.

She is good at killing barbarians, so she rises quickly in rank.

In Britain, archers are slightly stronger, and units can be trained faster than in other civilizations.

Britannia is an alliance-based civilization, a very important trait to have later in the game because alliances will likely want you in their group.


Britannia gives a 5% bonus per archer attack.

This bonus works well when targeted at commanders who also increase the power of archers.

The 5% attack increase on archers makes Britannia one of the best support civs in Kingdom Rise.

With a 20% increase in Allied garrison capacity, you can place a large number of allies in your city.

With many allies and a good defender, you have a strong and powerful defense against incoming attacks.

Increasing the garrison capacity also allows you to do a lot of damage, and increasing the number of troops is a very powerful feature to use in alliance wars.

You need to be in a strong alliance to maximize this functionality.

As a member of the alliance, you can help speed up the construction of alliance flags and garrisons.

The training rate for troops in the UK will be increased to 5%.

Speed is crucial when you start training at levels 4 and 5.

Later in the game, this bonus will save many hours of training.

The additional time saved can be used to train and create other units.

Focus on Great Britain

  • You should always train the troops to get the most out of your bonuses.
  • Take advantage of the fact that other alliance members enjoy your privileges to join a larger alliance.
  • Concentrate on the departmental commanders. Experienced archer commanders are deadly and even more powerful with your benefits.


Your starting commander in the election of Britain is Boudica.

You also have the option to buy at a later date:

  • Lancelot.
  • Richard I.
  • Edward of Woodstock.

Special units

If you unlock troops of level 4, you will be able to use the crossbowman.

By going to level 5. At the troop level, you also have access to the elite archer.

These two are particularly robust shooter types.

They are one of the best attackers in Rise of Kingdoms and can take huge hits, and even more so when paired with an Archer commander and the bonuses of Britain.

Better civilisation for agriculture

The best civilization during the rise of kings for agriculture is Japan.

If you’re looking for a rugged civilization that offers good farming opportunities and an excellent first-in-command with active, offensive troops, look no further than Japan.

This civilization focuses on strategic development and tactical awareness.

The available bonuses increase players’ opportunities to explore the maps.

Players can demarcate critical areas to hunt, attack, or loot.

Japan’s exploration abilities, combined with the harvest bonus, will allow you to farm more efficiently than other civilizations in the game.


As you play, you want to unlock everything in your kingdom.

If you increase the explorer’s running speed by 30%, your explorer can move around the map faster.

The high walking speed of scouts means you don’t have to wait as long for scouts, allowing you to explore more of the realm, including places to grow extra resources.

You also get 10 golden keys as a reward for unlocking the entire map of your kingdom.

You have to remember to work with takeout commanders, because in Japan the takeout rate is increased by 5%.

You will be able to collect all kinds of resources faster and accelerate your expansion.

The combination of a collection-oriented commander and this bonus creates a great farming environment.

In this civilization, all your units also get a 3% increase in troop attacks.

Increasing the attack power of your troops is a useful bonus, both in battles against other players and when breeding barbarians.

Focus for Japan

  • Do as much reconnaissance as you can. You’ll get 10 gold keys for free via Monument if you complete the entire map in your Misty Kingdom.
  • Use commanders who focus on assembly. By increasing the collection rate by 5%, you can collect stones, gold, food, wood and gems. If you use collective purchase orders, you can process even more resources faster.
  • There are always active farms, whether collecting or attacking, and there are always scouts to explore if you haven’t discovered the entire map yet.


Japan is considered one of the main commanders of the Reigns rebellion.

It consists of five members in total, with Kusunoki Masashige as the first commander.

Later, you will also be able to:

  • Ishida Mitsunari.
  • Tomoe Gozen.
  • Takeda Shingen.
  • Minamoto No Ipshitun.

Special units

In the feudal era you unlock a special samurai unit, an infantry unit.

You can train him if you have access to level 4 troops that use tech research.

Unlock elite samurai and gain access to level 5 troops.

They run powerful offenses, making them some of the best offensive linemen in the game.

Japan is an intriguing civilization in Rise of Kingdoms, as it allows you to make strategic adjustments and open up the map faster than others.

Best civilization for infantry

The best civilization for infantry in Rise of Kingdoms is France.

It has some of the most powerful infantry units in the game and bonuses to make them even better.

Joan of Arc is the starting commander, and she will help you grow.

With an increased healing rate, you can get your army back on its feet faster than others, which is an advantage at the end of the game.

Joan of Arc collects power-ups that allow you to build faster and progress faster.


Later in the game you will encounter some tough battles.

With a 20% higher healing rate in the hospital, your units will heal faster and be able to return to the battlefield sooner.

If you focus on the hospital recovery rate, you can build a strong unit that can provide meals to many units during a prolonged battle.

France increases the wood harvest rate to 10% – another useful benefit to improve your city.

Archers, infantry and calves receive a 3% health bonus.

This feature is very important on the battlefield.

Combine this bonus with a commander who strengthens France’s infantry and special forces, and you have a powerful combination.

Focus for France

  • Build a powerful army with infantry and an infantry commander.
  • Use a quick turn to push units into long battles.
  • Take advantage of the lumberjacks in France to make your farm work.


The first female commander of France was Joan of Arc.

You can also get the following items later:

  • Charlemagne.
  • Charles Martel.

Special units

During the level 4 training you will encounter an Axe Thrower and an Elite Axe Thrower, two special units.

They both have good health and good offensive stats.

They can strike hard, mobilize quickly on the map and do a lot of damage.

Best Civilization for Cavalry

The best civilization for cavalry in Rise of the Kingdoms is Germany.

Germany gives you more recovery action points compared to other civilizations and is very wave oriented.

Increasing the speed of troop formation will be a useful feature later in the game.

With a 10% increase in action points recovery, you can quickly build a powerful army.

Germany is a versatile civilization, ideal for good battles, fast game progress and fast advancing commanders.

Herman will be your starting commander and together with the riders he will defend the city at all costs.

Germany gives players an advantage in developing and building armies.

It is important to note that in the case of Germany, your style of play should be attacking rather than defensive.


With 10% more extra recovery points, you’ll be better able to participate in anything that involves a one-time action.

For example, you can use barbarian camps with your extra score and gain more resources and experience because you don’t have to spend hours training your troops.

With a 5% increase in troop training speed, all your units can be trained quickly.

As a member in Germany, you benefit from this bonus for all age groups.

Level 5 material training is often time consuming, which makes this lift very worthwhile.

To optimize your troops, we recommend commanders like Attila or Shingen, which combine well with the 5% attack bonus of the German cavalry.

Rise of Kingdoms offers different styles of play, but if you want to invest some money in the game, Germany is definitely one of the best options.

Overall, Germany is an advanced civilization that does very well offensively throughout the game and especially towards the end of the game.

Focus on Germany

  • Use the bonus for training speed. You must constantly train your troops to stay ahead of the competition. The bonus becomes even more useful when you start adding 4th and 5th level troops. Level to train.
  • Concentrate on commanders strengthening the cavalry. The cavalry already gets 5% more attack, so combine that with a commander that makes it even stronger and you have an incredibly powerful cavalry army.
  • Your style of play has to be attacking when you play in Germany. Benefits allow you to quickly assemble powerful armies.


Herman is the launch commander for Germany.

He succeeded in silencing the enemy commanders.

Later, you will also be able to:

  • Constance.
  • Frederick I.

Special units

The two German special units, the German Order and the elite unit of the German Order.

Both will be available for training once the level 4 units are unlocked.

They focus on mobility and attack.

As large units on the tanker side, they can also hit hard without doing too much damage.

You can also easily take out enemy archers.

This unit has a better defense than the original knights and a stronger attack.

Here’s our list of the best civilizations in Rise of Kingdoms, and also the best civilizations in specific categories.

If you want to help us improve this level list, please leave your suggestions and enter them in the comments section below.

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