The Velocicoaster is an amazing experience that is the first of its kind in the world and is a must visit for any theme park fan. The ride starts out like any other roller coaster until it pauses and accelerates up to .8G’s which slows it down to almost a complete stop. The roller coaster then goes through a series of loops, corkscrews, and straightaways. In fact, the ride is so exciting that people can feel their stomachs drop, their blood pressure rise, and heart rate increase during the ride.

The Velocicoaster at Universal Studios is a thrill ride that gives you an amazing view of the Florida landscape. Located in the center of the park, it’s one of the most popular rides in the park.   An important factor in this is the fact that it has a height restriction of just 48 inches, making it a perfect ride for the entire family.

Velociosk at Universal Studios


SHUT UP!!! Universal Studios has done it again!!!

I was so impressed with Hagrid’s adventure on the Magical Creatures bike that I talked to people (including Jeremy) about how it was the best ride in Orlando. The new VelociCoaster attraction has put an end to that argument.  Words cannot adequately describe this attraction. If you are a lover of thrills and roller coasters, this is the ride for you and worth the long wait. The fact that I’m a Jurassic World fan only adds to the experience, as one of my favorite actors, Chris Pratt, made an appearance in the preview. But before we get to that, let’s start at the beginning. Outside the main attraction building you will find lockers where you can store your belongings, as everything you take with you must be locked. However, there are smaller lockers if you go higher in line. Before you go in, there’s a test to make sure you’re… Uh… pass.

Jay is now 160 cm tall and so am I, and we both fit without any problems.  Please note there are no straps on this ride, only belly straps. Without the straps, you could bounce on it a bit; at one point Jay hit me in the face with his hand as the ride went over a very steep roll. The queue is full of entertainment: you walk past sculptures of birds of prey and even realistic animatronics of birds of prey trying to crawl out of their mouths.

There are also some digital effects that I couldn’t capture with my camera because we were going by too fast.  But from what I saw, the effects were really impressive. After you encounter predators, you will come to other lockers where everything must be secured.  I made the mistake of leaving my car keys in my pocket, which set off the metal detectors, and the team members sent me back to the lockers to get my keys (I’m really glad they did). The locker design is a great idea from Universal, because you put your stuff on one side of the locker and take it out on the other side after you leave the attraction. This reduces crowding and congestion during travel. You just have to make sure you remember the color and number of your locker. After securing your belongings and going through the metal detectors, you can expect a preview with the cast of the film. After a short clip, we finally hit the road. We decided to go at the very end because there were a lot of pass holders ahead of us and the team members said they wouldn’t keep anyone waiting. After a short wait in this area, we climbed on the roller coaster and went inside.

The ride goes around an area where digital effects are used, and suddenly things are moving at a breakneck pace. They move at high speed, jumping and rolling, encountering predators along the way. Eventually you will reach another part of the track where you will accelerate even faster than before. The roller coaster lifts you up and takes you down a steep section of track, and I didn’t feel the seat underneath me. (If you’ve ever been to the Mako at Seaworld, you know exactly what I’m talking about). At this speed, the attraction will take off and you will find yourself upside down above the water for a while (thanks to Universal for locking the keys).  Then, with a turn, you come to the right, and the ride is finally over.  By far the best attraction I have been on, and in my opinion the best attraction in Florida; Hagrid Who?  Universal is standing out in the parks with this film. Disney, it’s your turn!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What company is building the VelociCoaster?

The VelociCoaster is a “high-speed roller coaster” that will be built in Orlando, Florida, that will zip along at a top speed of 55 mph. According to the park, this will make it “the fastest launch coaster in the world.” The park says that the ride will launch from 0 to 55 mph in a single second, and then coast along its 1,800-foot track at that speed for a full minute. The company behind the world’s fastest, highest, and longest roller coaster is building another monster. This time it will be a 200 mph coaster that takes riders up to 200 feet in the air. The coaster is called the VelociCoaster and it will be the first of its kind in the world.

Where is the VelociCoaster?

The VelociCoaster Roller Coaster was a roller coaster in the HDLoader demo of HDTGM2:Speed. It was a very fast roller coaster and was the fastest roller coaster in HDTGM2:Speed. It was removed in HDTGM2. HDTGM2 version was the second fastest demo of HDTGM2:Speed. The park is open, but the VelociCoaster is missing. You have been assigned as a security guard to help find it. You have been told that it is somewhere in the park, and you should find and secure it before the end of your shift. You are the only one assigned to this task, since the park staff is not expecting any trouble and you should have the place to yourself.

Is Ghostbusters still at Universal Studios?

Ghostbusters is a fantastically fun attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood, the only one of its kind in the world. The ride is a near-replica of the original Ghostbusters attraction that opened at the park in 1984. In fact, the ride vehicles and track system were used on the original Ghostbusters, so they’re a little rough, but they’re a blast. Ghostbusters is one of the most iconic movies ever made. It has been loved by fans for decades. But is the original Ghostbusters still playing at Universal Studios, or has it been deleted? You might be surprised to learn that even though the movie was made in 1984, it still plays at the theme park.

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